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This website is provided by NHS Lothian as part of a new initiative to raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation in the Lothian area.

Real Life Stories

video linkOrgan Donation was never 
 discussed in our family
It wasn't until it happened to us, and it was really life or death...
video linkThe right thing to do
My daughter said she thought that her sister would want it, it was something they were aware of...
video linkIt's almost miraculous how this can 
Anyone can do it and you're doing something great for your fellow man...
video linkMy reward is to see how well Alex 
 is now
Being given a second chance at life is a chance you don't really want to pass up...
video linkI saw my family for the first time 
 in 30 years
I can do things now I couldn't do before. It's really something special...
video linkThe gift of life is not to be 
Communicate within your family. Raise the issue of Organ Donation...
video linkOne organ donor can help seven or 
 eight people
People who are very very sick, can have their lives completely changed around...


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