Observed number of admissions for accidents
Age standardised admission rates for accidents
Observed number of alcohol related admissions
Age standardised alcohol related admission rates
Observed number of live singleton births, ages 15-44 years
Crude rate for live singleton births, ages 15-44 years
Observed number of cancer deaths (mortality)
Age standardised cancer mortality (deaths) rates
Observed number of cancer registrations
Age standardised cancer registration rates
Observed number of Trachea, Bronchus and Lung Cancer mortality
Age standardised Trachea, Bronchus and Lung Cancer mortality (deaths) rates
Coronary heart disease
Observed number of CHD admissions
Age standardised CHD hospital admission rates
Observed number of deaths (CHD mortality), under 75 years
Age standardised CHD death rates, under 75 years
Observed number of deaths (all cause mortality)
Age standardised mortality rates (all cause deaths)
Drug related admissions
Observed number of drug related admissions
Age standardised drug related admission rates
Elective inpatient
Observed number of inpatient elective admissions
Age standardised inpatient elective admission rates
Non-elective inpatient
Observed number of non-elective inpatient admissions
Age standardised non-elective inpatient admission rates
Respiratory admissions
Observed number of respiratory admissions
Age standardised respiratory admission rates
Road traffic accident
Observed number of admissions due to road traffic accidents
Age standardised admission rates for road traffic accidents
Stroke admissions
Observed number of stroke admissions
Age standardised stroke admission rates
Teenage pregnancy
Observed number of teenage pregnancies, ages 13-19 years
Crude rate for teenage pregnancy, ages 13-19 years
Interactive Geographic Profiler
City of Edinburgh
East Lothian
West Lothian

Notes on the statistical data

This section provides comprehensive healthcare data for the Lothians and covers topics of population, births, lifestyle issues and causes of death and illness. This information is provided in a graphical form that is intended to be user friendly.

New for this year we have also included a detailed breakdown of health data using an interactive mapping tool (Interactive Geographic Profiler). This simple to use tool allows you to explore the data to a more detailed level than the graphs provided. This level of detail, known as "Intermediate Geography", is the Scottish Executive's preferred method for reporting statistical data.

The Interactive Geographic Profiler use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and your web browser must have a plugin to view them. The Adobe SVG Viewer can be downloaded from

Note for Firefox users: Firefox version 1.5 and above users may have problems viewing the interactive maps and are encouraged to use an alternative browser to view these files.

Note for Internet Explorer users: When browsing the dataset section of this CD-Rom using Internet Explorer on Windows XP a pop-up may appear at the top of the browser window warning that "In order to protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this file from showing active content that could access your computer". You can safely choose to "Allow blocked content". Our interactive maps will not damage or otherwise interfere with your computer in any way.