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The Power Pack needs your help to slash NHS Lothian's carbon emissions by reducing the amount of energy you use at work everyday.

NHS Lothian has already reduced energy emissions by 5.3% over the past two years, and this led to the organisation being awarded the Carbon Trust Standard earlier this year.

The Power Pack has been tasked with reducing the amount of energy which NHS Lothian uses each year, by encouraging you to think about how you could save energy in your everyday work.

By doing this we can make sure that NHS Lothian maintains the Carbon Trust Standard by reducing our carbon emissions by 4% per year, for the next 5 years.

NHS Lothian currently spends £14 million every year on energy bills. That works out at £500 per member of staff. With a carbon footprint of 90,000 tonnes per year that equates to more than 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per member of staff.

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By joining the Power Pack you are not only helping to make the organisation more energy efficient, but will also help to make huge financial savings.

A saving of just 4% a year would allow a minimum of £600k per annum to be reinvested in clinical services.

Everyone can play their part by taking small steps to reduce the amount of energy they use, to find out what changes you can make click our icons above...