Disability and Personal Independence Payments

The Scottish Government has worked to ensure that the roll-out of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will allow you to continue to access entitlement to both concessionary travel and the Blue Badge scheme through passporting if you meet the correct criteria.   
From April 2013, PIP will start to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled people aged 16 to 64.   If you are working-age and currently in receipt DLA, you will be invited to claim PIP and be assessed using the new PIP eligibility and entitlement criteria. However, most people won’t be affected before October 2015.
As with DLA, PIP is a non-means tested tax-free benefit and will be paid if you have a disability and, as a result, need help with personal care or getting around or both.   The allowance is to help with the extra cost of personal care (for example, washing, dressing and bathing) or for supervision or getting around.  It does not include help with activities such as shopping or housework.
PIP consists of two components: one awarded on the basis of your ability to ‘get around’ (the mobility component); the other on your ability to carry out key activities necessary to be able to participate in daily life (the daily living component).  Each component will be paid at two rates – standard and enhanced.
Q & A
Blue Badge Scheme
Q. Will I qualify for a Blue Badge if I am now entitled to PIP instead of DLA?
A.  To qualify automatically for a Blue Badge, you will need to provide your DWP award letter to the local council as evidence that you have been awarded at 12 points for “planning and following journeys”, or at 8 points or more for “moving around”, under the mobility component of PIP.  Please note that for Blue Badge eligibility purposes, points are not cumulative.
Q.  What happens to my existing Blue Badge if I have no entitlement to PIP?
A.  You can keep your Blue Badge until it expires.  After that, you can apply to your local Council, to see if you might qualify for a Blue Badge subject to further assessment by an independent mobility assessor.      
Q.  Can I get a Blue Badge if I do not qualify for PIP?
A.   You can apply to your local Council to be assessed for a Blue Badge under other eligibility criteria.  Even if you no longer qualify for a Blue Badge at all, you may have entitlement, and qualify for concessionary fares.
Q.  Does this apply to pensioners?  
A.  PIP is replacing DLA for working age people only.  So, the changes will only affect you if you are aged 16 to 64. 
If you are in receipt of DLA, and are under 16 or older than 64, you will continue to get DLA, unless your circumstances change.   
More detailed information on the Blue Badge scheme and other qualifying criteria can be found at http://www.directscot.org/article/DSContent_40#.
Concessionary Travel Scheme
Q.  How do I qualify through passporting benefits for concessionary travel fares?
A. You are entitled to concessionary travel if you are getting either the higher rate of mobility component, or the higher or middle rate care component of DLA. 
Under PIP, you will have to be getting the standard or enhanced daily care or mobility rate to qualify.  You will still apply to your local Council.  They will continue to get information from DWP about your PIP award, as they currently do for DLA.
Q.  What will happen to my free bus pass if I am not entitled to PIP?
A.  You can continue to use your free bus pass until it expires, if you do not qualify for PIP.  
Q.  If I am not in receipt of DLA or PIP, can I still qualify for concessionary fares?
A.  You may still be able to get a free bus pass under other existing rules, such as being registered blind, or having mental health issues.  The other rules about qualifying for concessionary travel have not changed. 
More detailed information on eligibility criteria for concessionary travel can be found at http://www.transportscotland.gov.uk/public-transport/concessionary-travel.
A copy of the PowerPoint presentations from the awareness event can also be found at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/welfarereform/passportedbenefits/events/StakeholderEvents .

Last Reviewed: 18/07/2013