Translation, Interpretation and Communication Support

We want to ensure that people can access our services effectively and efficiently. Communication difficulties are a barrier for people accessing health care.

They are also a barrier for healthcare staff who want to give good, patient focused care.

Communication presents a major barrier for people who are Limited English Proficient because their first language is not English. 

Communication support is needed for other people, not just speakers of languages other than English. This includes people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind or DeafBlind. People with learning disabilities or people who have brain injury following an accident or stroke are among others who need communication support.

NHS Lothian provides a range of communication supports including:

  • Interpreters
  • Translations
  • Specialist staff

A number of these services are arranged through the City of Edinburgh Interpretation and Translation Service. NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh jointly funded this service.

Download a copy of our Interpretation and Translation policy.

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011