Translation of documents and information can be provided when necessary. Translation is not always useful so we normally arrange translations on request. If translation is requested time needs to be allowed to carry this out unless it is information we already have in translated form. An increasing range of translated information is available online through NHS Inform.

As well as translation of languages other than English translation includes providing information in a range of formats:

Large Print

Documents can be provided in large print for those with visual difficulties.

Symbols and Pictograms

Pictograms are small pictures which can be used instead of words. Information can be provided using symbols and pictures. Some of our information and signage already uses symbols and pictograms. We will be increasing their use in  information and signage.


Audio is particularly useful for patients with visual impairments and those patients who have difficulty reading written information. Information can be provided on audio CD or tape. Audio is also available to help you use our website. Just click the Browsealoud button to have the web pages read to you.


Patients who use Braille can have information in this format. As with other types of translation, time needs to allowed to produce the information.

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011