NHS Lothian Equalities & Rights Improvement Plan 2017 – 18

In April 2017 NHS Lothian published a report reviewing progress with our Equalities Outcomes (which we agreed back in 2013).  The report, endorsed by the NHS Board, indicates that we will seek to embed a new approach to achieving equalities and rights outcomes for our population (including our staff).  We will do this by supporting and facilitating a network of organisations and people across Lothian to devise a new strategy, responding to all of our statutory requirements, but also choosing our own priorities for concerted action.

At the same time we have prepared an Improvement Plan setting out immediate actions we know we need to take to address issues arising from the retrospective report, to cover the period of development of our new strategic approach (2017 - 18).

The Improvement Plan summarises the five key areas we propose to work on this year:

  • A new approach and strategy for Equalities & Human Rights in Lothian
  • Improving our performance as an employer, and particularly supporting the development of Staff Networks
  • Promoting a rights-based approach to the provision of health & social care in Lothian
  • Making better use of feedback from people who use our services
  • Improving the quality and quantity of our Integrated Impact Assessments

Download: NHS Lothian Equalities & Rights Improvement Plan 2017 – 18

Last Reviewed: 02/10/2017