Assessing the impact of what we do on equality


Impact assessment

Like all public sector organisations, NHS Lothian is required to assess the impact of all its policies, services and functions on equality. This means that we must try to predict what will happen to different groups of people affected by our work, and then make changes to our plans so that any possibility of a negative impact is reduced or eliminated.

To do this we use Integrated Impact Assessment. You can link to our guidance on Integrated Impact Assessment here IIA guidance document and supporting information here IIA supporting information.

Consulting on impact assessments
NHS Lothian is required to consult with people on the findings of its impact assessments We do this to make sure that we have not missed anything out in our discussions, This happens in two ways:

  • Consultation with certain groups with an interest in equality issues. We train these groups in how we carry out impact assessments so that they can give us as effective feedback as possible.
  • Impact assessments are published on the internal and external websites for people to provide comments.

The people and groups consulted with, where appropriate, are listed in the impact assessment report.

Completed impact assessments
These are the impact assessments NHS Lothian has completed recently. For impact assessments completed before this period please get in touch with the Equality and Diversity Support Officer at NHS Lothian at Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdf12.01.17 WL HSCP Participation and Engagement Strategy IIA report final.pdf03/02/2017
pdfIIA Additional AMU Beds 251116.pdf08/12/2016
pdfIIA on Procedure to Develop Policies and Procedures final 161116.pdf25/11/2016
pdfIIA_realistic medicine_131016.pdf25/11/2016
pdfIIA report PrEP Aug 2016.pdf10/10/2016
pdfMidlothian Wellbeing Access Point Service IIA Aug 16.pdf06/10/2016
pdfWaiting List Recovery Plan.pdf11/08/2016
pdfIIA REPORT HPS Strategy Framework July 2016.pdf03/08/2016
pdfIntegrated Impact Assessment_Strategy_Final Version_Signed off.pdf03/08/2016
pdfW Lothian Health-Social Care Strategic Plan.pdf12/07/2016
pdfProvision of Adult Rservices from PAEP.pdf12/07/2016
pdfFinal Rpt-Midlothian Health and Care Strategic Plan 2016-19.pdf12/07/2016
pdfIntegrated Impact Assessment - summary report edin IFA sept 2015.pdf26/05/2016
pdfWest Lothian IFA and team - IIA - summary report - Jul 2015.pdf26/05/2016
pdfEast-Mid IFA and team - IIA - summary report - Jul 2015.pdf26/05/2016
pdfIIA Pregnancy loss REPORT_May 2016.pdf26/05/2016
pdfNHS Lothian Medicines Governance Strategy 2016-2020 May 2016.pdf12/05/2016
pdf160427 Integrated Impact Assessment _Signed.pdf12/05/2016
pdfHomecare Medicines Policy IIA Summary Report.pdf12/05/2016
pdfPrestonpans RIA project update Feb 2016.pdf12/05/2016
pdfProvisionof drinking Water.pdf28/01/2016
pdfIn Patient Complex Care (IPCC) Reconfiguration.pdf31/12/2015
pdfEqualities Impact Assessment Final - Dementia Post Diagnostic Support Service .pdf31/12/2015
pdfAHP 7 day Working Acute Services - Phase 1.pdf31/12/2015
pdfLeg Ulcer Management Record.pdf30/12/2015
pdfRIA summary reportv2.pdf30/12/2015
pdfML Community Empowperment RIA 2 15 FINAL.pdf30/12/2015
pdfHealth Promotion Services Training Programme RIA_11 June 2015.pdf27/11/2015
pdfLeith Walk IIA final report signed 230715 scanned.doc.pdf27/11/2015
pdfEnvironmental Ligature Risk Policy.pdf27/11/2015
pdfReprovisioning of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital 1st phase.pdf27/11/2015
pdfIntegrated Impact Assessment report Comm Benefits Officer.pdf31/07/2015
pdfHIF West Lothian on the Move RIA May 14.pdf31/07/2015
pdfFlu Vaccines for school age children and young people_Final_27 11 14.pdf30/07/2015
pdfWefare Rights in Acute Setting.pdf29/07/2015
pdfRIA Summary Report re IF PolicyMarch 2014.pdf24/07/2015
pdfORS move to Liberton Rapid Assessment Document (updated 17 09 2014) final.pdf23/07/2015
pdfHydrotherapyIIA report may15 final with actions.pdf16/07/2015
pdfDonor Insemination NHSL.pdf08/01/2015
pdfRIACraigshill Lift Installation.pdf16/12/2014
pdfHealth Promotion Organisational Change NHSL - 10 September 2014.pdf16/12/2014
pdfPrescribing Action Plan NHSL 2014-16 Nov 2014 FINAL _v4_.pdf16/12/2014
pdfHomeopathy Summary Report NHSL -Appendix 1 - 16 December 2014.pdf16/12/2014
pdfHealth Inequalities Strategy NHSL – consultation draft.pdf16/12/2014
pdfPilton Community Health Project Action Plan RIA May 14.pdf07/07/2014
pdfExtension of Prestonpans Health Centre RIA May 14.pdf07/07/2014
pdfHIF The Junction 2014-17 RIA May 14.pdf17/06/2014
pdfNeonatal Parent Guide RIA Feb 14.pdf17/06/2014
pdfSpecial Care Baby Unit SJH Modernisation RIA Jun 14.pdf06/06/2014
pdfVeterans First Point - Change of Location RIA May 14.pdf06/06/2014
pdfHIF LGBT Health and Wellbeing Project RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfHIF Community Gardening 2014-2017 RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfHIF Talking Time East Lothian 2014-2017 RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfBroomhouse Community Health Project HIF 2014-2017.pdf30/05/2014
pdfNon-Lothian Hospital Transport Policy RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfHIF Active Choices East Lothian RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfEast Lothian Community Hospital Reprovision RIA.pdf30/05/2014
pdfAdditional Needs Taskforce Workplan 2014-16 RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfWGH Pharmacy Aseptic Modernation RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfNHSL Car Parking Policy RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfRIA Edenview Ward Operational Policy Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfHIF Health All Round and The Health Agency RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfReprovision of Newbyres Surgery RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfReprovision of Loanhead Surgery RIA Mar 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfNHSL Children and Young Peoples Strategy RIA Apr 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfMidlothian Community Food Initiative RIA Feb 14.pdf30/05/2014
pdfPatient Advice and Support Service SLA RIA Feb 14.pdf14/04/2014
pdfBump Start RIA Jan 14.pdf14/04/2014
pdfDaring to be Great RIA Feb 14.pdf14/04/2014
pdfWester Hailes Primary Care Nurse Visits RIA Dec 13.pdf14/04/2014
pdfRoyal Edinburgh Reprovision Phase 1 RIA Feb 14.pdf19/02/2014
pdfDetect Cancer Early HEAT programme RIA - Jul 13.pdf07/02/2014
pdfNHS Lothian Prescribing Action Plan 2013_14 RIA - Oct 2013.pdf07/02/2014
pdfElective Capacity Plans RIA Aug 13.pdf07/02/2014
pdfSt John's Hospital Decontamination Unit RIA Sep 13.pdf07/02/2014
pdfEdinburgh Behaviour Support Service RIA - Interim Report - August 2013.pdf08/01/2014
pdfInfant Feeding Policy RIA Aug 13.pdf14/11/2013
pdfWest Lothian Winter Resilience Plan 2012-13 RIA Feb 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfWest Lothian Older People Joint Commissioning Plan RIA Feb 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfWinter 2013-14 preparation plan RIA Jul 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfImplantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Deactivation Policy RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfScottish Paediatric Epilepsy Surgery Programme RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfLothian Unscheduled Care Action Plan RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfAlcohol Brief Intervention ARBI programme RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfPaediatric Radiology patients from Grampian RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfLooked After Children health assessment RIA Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfHomeopathy Review RIA Aug 12 revised Jun 13.pdf16/07/2013
pdfGrievance HR Policy RIA Feb 13.pdf11/07/2013
pdfProcedures of Low Clinical Value Efficiency Workstream RIA Feb 13 final.pdf11/07/2013
pdfTerm Time Working HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfTemporary Reduction in Working Hours HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfTeam Based Self Rostering HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfSecondment HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfReserve Forces Training and Mobilisation HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfJob Sharing HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfHome Working HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfFlexi-Time System HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfCompressed Working Week HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfCompensatory Rest HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfCareer Break HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfCar Leasing HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfAnnualised Hours HR Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf11/07/2013
pdfHealthcare in custody RIA May 13.pdf11/06/2013
pdfRHSC and DCN Reprovision Little France preparatory projects RIA May 13.pdf11/06/2013
pdfSJH Labour Ward Refurbishment RIA Apr 13.pdf11/06/2013
pdfME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome pathway RIA Nov 12.pdf11/06/2013
pdfBreast Surgery Pre-operative Assessment RIA Apr 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfSt John's Hospital MRI Scanner RIA Apr 13 final.pdf16/05/2013
pdfSignifcant Adverse Events development plan RIA Apr 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfREH Alcohol and substance use policy RIA Apr 13 final.pdf16/05/2013
pdfPatient Reminder Systems RIA Apr 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfData Sharing Protocol for Independent Schools RIA March 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfWest Lothian Health and Wellbeing Profile recommendations RIA Feb 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfSJH Macmillan Centre extension RIA Feb 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfBronchiecstasis Efficiency Programme RIA Feb 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfEye patient facilities at St John's RIA Feb 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfEdinburgh AHP 7-Day Working RIA Jan 13.pdf16/05/2013
pdfEnhanced Recovery After Surgery pathway RIA Jan 13 final.pdf16/05/2013
pdfWL CHCP Efficiency and Productivity projects 2012-13 RIA Nov 12.pdf16/05/2013
pdfUHD Efficiency and Productivity workstreams 12-13 RIA Oct 12 final.pdf16/05/2013
pdfMusculo-Skeletal Pathways Programme RIA Jan 12.pdf15/05/2013
pdfFatal Accident Inquiry Marlene Wightman recommendations RIA Mar 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfEdinburgh Alcohol Framework RIA Feb 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfDuncan Street Dental Centre Lift Installation RIA Feb 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfEdinburgh CHP Nurse Management redesign RIA Jan 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfNursing Progression Project EQIA Jan 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfOutpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy RIA Jan 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfPrimary Care e-Health Strategy 2012-15 RIA Jan 13.pdf13/03/2013
pdfRatho Surgery Reprovision RIA Dec 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfDiabetes and Cardiovascular rehab for BME patients clinic RIA Nov 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfBite Size Literacy Project RIA Nov12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfVulnerable Adults Framework RIA Dec 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfShared Care Medicines Policy RIA Nov 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfInfection Control Service Redesign Phase 2 RIA Dec 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfEmergency Response Belt Procedure RIA Nov 12 - final.pdf26/02/2013
pdfBurns Unit Relocation SJH RIA Nov 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfTreatment Time Guarantee and Local Access Policy RIA Oct 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfEnhanced Recovery Diary RIA Oct 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfWester Hailes Practice patient appointment system RIA Sep 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfEstates and Facilities Efficiency Workstream RIA Sep 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfLearnPro e-learning RIA review Sep 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfHomeopathy Review RIA Aug 12 final.pdf26/02/2013
pdfClose Observation Policy RIA Aug 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfCorporate Efficiency Workstream RIA Aug 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfAcute Prescribing Efficiency Workstream RIA Aug 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfCOMPASS Model of Care for frail older people RIA Jul 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfClosure of Belhaven Hospital Minor Injuries Unit RIA Jul 12.pdf26/02/2013
pdfProcurement Efficiency Workstream 12-13 RIA Jul 12 final.pdf26/02/2013
pdfSubstance Misuse Drop In Clinics RIA Jul 12 final.pdf26/02/2013
pdfCommunity Midwifery Realignment RIA Jun 12 final.pdf26/02/2013
pdfSEAT Orthopaedics Reconfiguration RIA May1226/02/2013
pdf5x5x5 Patient Experience RIA May 201219/12/2012
pdfStaysafe West Lothian HIF project RIA Jul 1216/10/2012
pdfRoyal Victoria Building access RIA Aug 12 final16/10/2012
pdfMammography Unit extension RIA Jul 12 final16/10/2012
pdfLabs Review Efficiency Workstream RIA Aug 12 final16/10/2012
pdfJoint Health Protection Plan RIA Sept 1216/10/2012
pdfCorporate Strategic Planning Efficiency Workstream RIA Sep 1216/10/2012
pdfCorporate Pharmacy Efficiency Workstream RIA Sep 1216/10/2012
pdfTeenagers and Young People Cancer Unit RIA May 1216/10/2012
pdfTake Home Naxolone programme RIA May 1216/10/2012
pdfSurgical Assessment Unit RIA May 1216/10/2012
pdfSCAN Oncology Telehealth Pilot - Breast Cancer Clinic RIA May 1216/10/2012
pdfOrmiston Medical Practice reprovision RIA Jun 1216/10/2012
pdfMidlothian Health Promoting Hospital Action Plan RIA Apr 1216/10/2012
pdfMedicine of the Elderly Orthopaedics efficiencies RIA June 12 final16/10/2012
pdfHep B Immunisation RIA Apr 1216/10/2012
pdfHealth Works Employability Plan RIA Jun 1216/10/2012
pdfHealth Promotion Service training RIA May 1216/10/2012
pdfHAI Training Strategy RIA Apr 2012 16/10/2012
pdfAdult Inpatient Falls Policy RIA Jun 201216/10/2012
pdfCommunity Continence Clinic pilot RIA May 201216/10/2012
pdfClinical Strategy RIA Review May 201216/10/2012
pdfChildren's Continence Protocol RIA May 201216/10/2012
pdfCareFree Kids HIF RIA Jun 201216/10/2012
pdfCancer Modernisation Funds 12-13 RIA May 201216/10/2012
pdfBreast Cancer Early Discharge Protocol RIA May 201216/10/2012

Last Reviewed: 30/12/2015