Spend Analyser

Spend Analyser is a management information (MI) tool that summarises and categorises purchase order transactions from NHS Scotland procurement systems. It can be accessed through a web browser following a registration process.
The purpose of the Spend Analyser is to enable cost centre owners, department managers, finance managers and procurement staff to review service spend and inform spending decisions for the future. The tool can also be used to compare volume and price variances between year’s allowing comparison statistics and financial tracking. 
Spend Analyser is available to NHS Scotland staff who could benefit from increased visibility of trade spend for their own cost centre, department, business unit or Health Board.  Working in tandem with Management Accountants this tool has been recognised as a very valuable financial tool for all budget holders across Scotland.
To register, please forward your name, organisation and email address to the support help desk. After the setup process is complete you will receive an email to confirm that access is available.
You can then access the dashboard at
You can also sign up free to the Train 2 Procure website where you will find a large number of resources, training materials and FAQs designed to help all staff with a procurement remit to improve their understanding and skills. This includes very handy KSF alignment examples for materials accessed and used from this site so you can add to your Development Plan for Appraisal and a Spend Analyser guide.
We would recommend that you take time to view this site and add it to Favourites in your browser as it is an extremely useful free resource, dedicated to all things procurement!

Last Reviewed: 28/01/2016