Environmental Sustainability

We have a responsibility to consider the protection of the natural world during the procurement process. As such we take into account the long and short term environmental impacts of requirements for goods, services, utilities and works when making decisions. This can refer to examining the whole-life cost of an item or the entire production process of a work or service.
Marrakech Approach
In partnership with Zero Waste Scotland, we are adopting the internationally respected Marrakech Task Force approach to sustainable procurement. This has increased the capability of our buyers to contribute to social, economic and environmental aims through public procurement. 

Introduction to sustainable procurement e-learning module has been developed to introduce the concept of sustainable public procurement in Scotland. It is supported through the Scottish Government Website, takes around 20 minutes and is certified on completion.
If you have difficulty accessing the e-learning module please right click on the module and select option ‘save link as’ and save to your desktop and open from there.
Below is further information on some of the topics covered by the Marrakech Approach:
Further information on the following can also be found on the Scottish Government Marrakech pages.
·         Prioritisation
·         Life Cycle Impacts
·         Green Public Procurement
·         Government Buying Standards
·         EU Ecolabel
Scottish Sustainable Procurement Action Plan (SSPAP)
Our organisation is subscribed the SSPAP to co-ordinate our Sustainable Procurement Activities click here for more information.

Last Reviewed: 19/01/2016