Supplier Information

The Procurement Department are committed to making doing business with us as easy as possible, encouraging innovation, continuous improvement and of course best value wherever possible. We also have an ethical responsibility to ensure all companies that we do business with, follow a similar ethical code. This includes the approach a potential supplier or bidder has towards its employees, employment practice and approach. Please see below for NHS Lothian Workforce Matters Procurement Policy including the Legal Framework we are bound by. We would recommend all suppliers and potential suppliers read this document as it contains the principles we operate under and is a consideration when reviewing existing contracts and tender applications.

The following pages contain information for all our suppliers, incumbent and potential.

Supplier Development Programme

Supplier Relationship Management

Innovation Portal

Suppliers Charter

Procurement Helpdesk

Supplier Survey

Business Continuity

Strategy and Report

National Distribution Centre  (NDC) 



Last Reviewed: 29/01/2016