Corporate Governance and Standing Financial Instructions

The Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs) form part of the NHS Board’s Standing Orders and Scheme of Delegation. The SFIs explain the financial responsibilities to be observed by the NHS Board and its employees. They cover all activities, including those entered into in partnership with other organisations. 


The principles underlying Standing Financial Instructions within the NHS are:-

The Board shall discharge its responsibilities in accordance with the relevant legislative requirements of the European Parliament, and the United Kingdom and Scottish Parliaments. The organisation shall also comply with any Directions or guidance issued by the Scottish Ministers.


The Board shall conduct its activities in an open and accountable manner. Its activities and organisational performance will be auditable.


The Board shall perform its activities within the available financial resources at its disposal.

The Board shall conduct its activities in a manner that is cost effective and demonstrably secures value-for-money.


Last Reviewed: 15/09/2017