Involving People

NHS Lothian involves people when it develops, plans and designs services, policies and strategies. This means that services, policies and strategies reflect the experiences and views of people who are currently using our services as well as staff. Businesses use customer feedback to improve their services and it works equally well in the public sector.

Examples of when NHS Lothian involves people

When writing or developing a new policy or strategy or updating an existing policy or strategy people will be involved if:

  • it changes the way that care is delivered or where, when or how it is delivered
  • it changes a patient pathway
  • it fundamentally changes the patient experience

When writing or developing patient information, involving people ensures that it:

  • contains information that people need or want
  • does not contain jargon or acronyms that people don’t understand
  • does not include information that is only relevant to NHS staff

When developing a new service, clinic or hospital, NHS Lothian considers:

  • how we involve service users from the initial planning stage
  • who we involve people from the wider community (if appropriate)
  • what methods will be used to involve people

National Policy, Legislation and Guidance

The Scottish Health Council website contains links to national policies, legislation and guidance.

NHS Lothian Involving People Framework

Links to Forums

Royal Hospital for Sick Children - Family Council

Royal Hospital for Sick Children – Young People’s Advisory Group

The Department of Clinical Neurosciences - Patient Reference Group

Royal Edinburgh Hospital - Patients Council

If you have a question or query about public involvement contact:

NHS Lothian - Public Involvement
Communication and Public Affairs Department
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Telephone: 0131 465 5649

Last Reviewed: 03/08/2016