Patient Focus and Public Involvement

What is patient focus and public involvement?

Patient Focus is about improving people’s experience of care, so that our services fit around people. This is called person centred care. It is about finding out how you feel about the physical and emotional aspects of services. This could be, for example, information to help you understand and be involved in your care, being treated with respect, and having clean wards. We have many ways to collect and measure people’s care experiences and we will use these to continually improve our services.

Public Involvement means involving you whether as a patient, carer or member of the public in how we plan and deliver services and develop policies and strategies. It means working with our partners in local authorities, the voluntary sector and other community groups when we plan our services and develop our policies.

Improving people’s experience and involving people is about making a difference. Sometimes what may be a small change for the health service makes a big difference to a patient or carer's experience of a hospital or a GP service. Improving people’s experience is about NHS Lothian staff learning the lessons so that your care and treatment is improved. Good involvement is about working together to improve and plan the services. It is also about feeding back to you what we have changed as a result of that involvement.

Please go to the Policy Papers section to view the latest Strategy and Action Plan.

How you could make a difference

Please help us to become better at how we care for you and how we plan our services. We want you to contribute and participate so that the NHS in Lothian is better for everyone.

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Last Reviewed: 01/06/2011