Working in Edinburgh and the Lothians

NHS Lothian offers excellent career prospects and a wide range of job opportunities for potential employees. It employs approximately 24,000 staff and offers training and development opportunities as well as excellent staff benefits.

The information provided below aims to help support and guide both prospective applicants and new employees unfamiliar with Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Edinburgh and the Lothians

NHS Lothian serves a population of approximately 800,000 people living in and around Edinburgh, Scotland’s historic capital city. The geographical area known as Lothian region covers 700 square miles, comprising the City of Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian.

It is a region of exceptional beauty and contrast, from the splendour of Edinburgh to the beauty and variety of the hills, countryside and coastline. The nearest major town outside of Edinburgh is Livingston, a thriving location in the heart of West Lothian. As well as many sites of historic interest, the region boasts a host of recreational activities for all ages.

Useful Contacts

For useful guidance on relocating to Scotland visit:

For a comprehensive list of services to help moving to the City of Edinburgh, please visit the City of Edinburgh Council Website at:

Services include;

  • Education - nurseries / primary / secondary / and further education
  • Employment - employment training / employment facts and figures
  • Emergency Services - emergency telephone numbers / emergency housing / social welfare
  • Finance - banks / building societies / business directory / consumer advice
  • Accommodation - affordable housing / private rented accommodation / sheltered housing / housing associations / local authority
  • Transport - rail / buses / parking / park & ride / cyclists and pedestrian links
  • Leisure - offering an impressive and ever changing choice of activities.

Other Local Authority Departments


NHS Lothian is committed to supporting staff through a relocation process. Relocation expenses may be available under NHS Lothian Relocation Policy Conditions. Although NHS Lothian does not provide any staff accommodation directly, there are a large number of letting agencies in Edinburgh and the Lothians and, for shorter term accommodation, a large number of websites for individuals to arrange something directly with providers themselves as well as a large number of hotels and Bed & Breakfasts.


Most letting agencies lease properties using the AT5 form: Short Assured Tenancy Agreement’, and they very strictly adhere to the 6 month minimum let period.

Most letting agencies require:
  • On day of entry 2 months rent up front plus £100 deposit (may vary from agency to agency);
  • A reference from your previous landlord ;
  • An employment reference;
  • And some also ask for a credit reference check.
A number of letting agencies are detailed below and, whilst NHS Lothian is not endorsing them, they may be a first point of contact in assisting you looking for alternative accommodation in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. 
Some Letting Agencies
Some Other Websites:
There are alternatives such as websites letting rooms / flat / houses for shorter and longer periods of time.  Again,  whilst NHS Lothian is not endorsing them, a few are detailed below.


Last Reviewed: 19/11/2013