Varian Users’ Group 2012: Programme

Scottish Health Service Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Thursday 23rd February
12.00-13.00 Registration and lunch
13.00-13.10 Welcome: Dr Sharon Peoples, Edinburgh Cancer Centre
13.10-14.00 The potential of advanced radiotherapy technologies Invited Speaker: Dr M. Dahele
TrueBeam. Chair: Dr Max Dahele, VUmc
14.00-14.20 Installing TrueBeam: challenges and solutions Robert Ross, Truro
14.20-14.40 Experience of TrueBeam so far: a physics and clinical perspective Hayley James, Ipswich
14.40-15.00 Dosimetric investigation of flattened and unflattened small fields Chris Stacey, UCLH
15.00-15.30 Tea/Coffee
Oncology Information Systems and ARIA. Chair: Mr Terry Kehoe, Edinburgh Cancer Centre
15.30-15.45 Implementation and management of oncology information system in the St Luke's radiation oncology network Gráinne Gleeson, St James Hospital Dublin
15.45-16.00 Initial experience in managing a Citrix based ARIA deployment Jonathan Hughes, Sheffield
Stereotactic radiotherapy. Chair: Mr Terry Kehoe, Edinburgh Cancer Centre
16.00-16.20 Clinical implementation of SABR on TrueBeam at UCLH Helen Grimes, UCLH
16.20-16.40 Introduction of SABR for lung using RapidArc at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre Andrew Aitken, Glasgow
16.40 - 17.00 Verifying the positional accuracy of stereotactic radiosurgery for cranial arteriovenous malformation using a novel head phantom Martyn Gilmore, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
17.00-17.30 Experience with the Novalis Tx at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre Linda Carruthers, Joanna Henderson, Sara Erridge, Edinburgh
17.30 + Tour of the Novalis Tx facility at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre
Conference dinner at the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh

Friday 24th February
IGRT and motion management. Chair: Dr Hayley James, Ipswich Hospital
09.00-09.20 CBCT commissioning: opportunities and compromises Andrew Reilly, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
09.20-09.35 The development of image verification techniques to ensure accurate and efficient RapidArc/IMRT delivery Aileen Duffton, Glasgow
09.35-09.50 Target motion in IMRT treatment of high risk prostate cancer John Mclellan, Aberdeen
09.50-10.05 Consistency of bladder and bowel preparation for prostate radiotherapy: A retrospective study using CBCT Oliver Shoffren, St Bart’s
10.05-10.20 Experience with the Calypso real time tracking system Jessica Wren, The Harley Street Clinic
10.20-10.35 How to develop a DIBH breast program for clinical implementation Marianne Dabbs, Surrey
10.35-11.05 Tea/Coffee
RapidArc, planning and in-vivo dosimetry. Chair: Dr Andrew Reilly, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
11.05-11.25 Rapidarc results from the pilot rotational radiotherapy audit Catharine Clark, Surrey / NPL
11.25-11.40 Creating a couch model for the Varian IGRT and Novalis robotic couch Rebecca Day, Edinburgh
11.40-11.55 Three supine CSI patients: problems, pitfalls and coping with the new acuity Andrew Bromiley, Aberdeen
11.55-12.10 Portal dosimetry with Varian EPIDs: Use of DosimetryCheck Gillian Cooke, Edinburgh
Varian Presentations. Chair: Dr Andrew Reilly, Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology
12.10-12.30 Future Varian products Peter Vereecke, Varian
12.30-12.50 ARIA 11 Rebecca Vetori, Varian
13.00 Meeting close: Rebecca Day

Last Reviewed: 15/02/2012