25 Main Street, Mid Calder

Posted on NHS Lothian Website from 13 August 2015 to 17 December 2015
NHS Lothian is undertaking a joint public consultation with Mr David Stevenson regarding his proposed application for a new pharmacy to open at 25 Main Street, Mid Calder, West Lothian, EH53 0AW.
Mr Stevenson who wishes to submit the application has defined the neighbourhood as being Mid Calder and bounded to the:
  • North by Calder Park Road/River Almond
  • South by Murieston Water/Greenfield Land to Lizzie Brice Roundabout
  • West by Livingston Road A899
  • East by Pumpherston Road B8046. 
Mr Stevenson plans to provide the following services from their pharmacy should the application be granted:
  • Dispensing of prescriptions
  • Chronic Medication Service
  • Acute Medication Service
  • Minor Ailment Service
  • Public Health Service (Smoking Cessation Services and Sexual Health Services)
  • Unscheduled Care – urgent supply of repeat medicines and appliances
  • Supervised self-administration of Methadone
  • Supervised self-administration of Buprenorphine
  • Stoma Care - appliance supply for patient with a colostomy or urostomy
Mr Stevenson has also indicated that he would provide the following services if required to do so by NHS Lothian:
  • Injection Equipment Provision
  • Pharmaceutical Advice to Care Homes
  • Palliative Care Network
Mr Stevenson plans to provide these services at the following times:
Monday             -           9am – 6pm
Tuesday            -           9am – 6pm
Wednesday       -           9am – 6pm
Thursday           -           9am – 6pm
Friday               -           9am – 6pm
Saturday           -           9am – 1pm
Sunday             -           Closed
As required by legislation, NHS Lothian and Mr Stevenson are undertaking a joint public consultation before he makes his formal application. This consultation has two main purposes:
a.       to assess the current provision of pharmaceutical services in the neighbourhood and whether it is adequate
b.      to establish the level of support from residents in the neighbourhood for the application.
All views submitted will be incorporated into a Consultation Analysis Report which will be taken into account by the NHS Lothian Pharmacy Practices Committee (PPC) which decides the outcome of the application.
You can participate in the joint consultation by completing the survey online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M39F8RV
The closing date for comments is Thursday 17th December 2015.
To request a hard copy of the survey, please contact:
Contractor Support Officer
Primary Care Contractors Organisation
NHS Lothian
Pentland House
47 Robb’s Loan
EH14 1TY

Last Reviewed: 12/08/2015