The NHS Lothian PHARMACY FIRST service has now been launched. This will enable pharmacists to assess and treat, if appropriate, women aged 16-65 presenting with uncomplicated UTIs or patients with mild impetigo.
The supporting documentation can be found HERE.
All pharmacists are required to complete the NES pharmacy first module prior to signing the PGDs and delivering the service. You can find the module by clicking on the following link:
If you have any questions regarding this or would like to access the training materials from the recent pharmacy first events then please contact Dawn Owen​.
As detailed in the e-mail from PCCO sent on Friday 10th November, the unscheduled care PGD has been updated with some significant changes to the regulations. In summary:
1. Removal of the requirement for the medication to be on a repeat prescription
2. Removal of the exclusion criteria which prevented successive supplies
3. Removal of example within PGD of what prescriber unavailable means
Full details can be found at:





We have had a number of reports that continence care emails are not being accessed in a timely manner
if at all by community pharmacies.
Please ensure that you are checking your generic NHS mail account at least THREE times a day to ensure that these orders are not missed.
If you cannot access NHS mail, please contact Hazel Jamieson

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Last Reviewed: 21/11/2017