NHS Lothian process for the distribution of Multi-compartment Compliance Aids (MCAs) to Community Pharmacy

 From the 1st May 2014 NHS Lothian  moved from a distribution model to a reimbursement model in line with the majority of Health Boards across Scotland.

We have been made aware that the majority of MCAs provided through pharmacy have been requested by or initiated by other health or social care professionals and that it is rarely appropriate for a CSI assessment to be undertaken in the pharmacy. Often the MCA is seen as critical to the maintenance of the patient in Primary Care.

As part of the  process we will be collecting data to establish where referrals come from and to collect up to date information about the number of patients in Primary Care using these devices, which are dispensed by Community Pharmacy.

What does this mean for you?

  • Those pharmacies who wish to use the process to order MCAs  will be required to complete an application form to join reimbursement scheme. 
  • Following registration each contractor will be required to complete a monthly return form ​which will trigger the reimbursement payment for the number of devices used.
  • The invoice for the purchase of the MCAs should be retained in the pharmacy for inspection by NHS board officers when required.
  • The invoice number should be included on each return and should relate to the devices paid for under this invoice.
  • You will have a choice of which of the two suppliers you use to purchase the MCAs (Venalink or Omnicell) and will be reimbursed at the agreed rates  of 24p/MCA for Venalink and 23p/MCA for Omnicell (ordering details below).
  • Your monthly return will be expected to include details of the number of new referrals and any health or social care professional that has indicated the need for the device.
  • A monthly return template form will be sent electronically to your pharmacy NHSmail account once this has been activated.
  • This form should be completed and returned by email only to before the 10th of each month.
  • If you miss the deadline your claim will be processed in the following month. If you claim for more than one month at a time please attach each as a separate document clearly marked with the appropriate month.
  • Please refer to the process diagram which outlines the process.
  •  The data you supply will ensure you are accurately reimbursed and will allow us to clearly demonstrate the number of patients being supported by this Community Pharmacy service.


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Last Reviewed: 05/10/2017