The UK Health Act 2006 introduced new monitoring and inspection requirements for controlled drugs. These new arrangements are designed to work within and alongside existing governance systems to promote the safe, secure and effective use of controlled drugs.

Regulations made under the Health Act - the Controlled Drugs (Supervision of Management and Use) Regulations 2006 require healthcare organisations to appoint an Accountable Officer to be accountable for the safe management and use of controlled drugs in their organisation.



Good Practice Guidance:


Accountable Officer / Controlled Drug Governance Team

Angela Timoney
(Accountable Officer, Director of Pharmacy)
0131 465 5667

Judie Gajree (Lead Pharmacist)
0131 465 7831 or 07771 390 024

Izzy Goodwin (Administrative Support Officer)
0131 465 7833

Michael Coleman (CD Inspection Officer)
0131 465 7835 or 07771 390029

Karen Coleman (CD Inspection Officer)
0131 465 7834 or 07771 390026

Miguel Ferrand
(Data Analyst)
0131 465 7832​

Last Reviewed: 14/08/2017