Shared Services 

Over the next decade, we will see increasing demands and high expectations on NHS Scotland. As the demands on our services change, the NHS will evolve so that it can deliver more for the people of Scotland.

By adopting a 'Once for Scotland' approach and changing the way we work, we will improve, integrate and co-ordinate services within the Scottish public sector. This will be done through reducing geographical and organisational barriers to the delivery of support services and functions. The key principle being, where appropriate, services should be managed on a Scotland-wide basis and should be delivered in a consistent way, unless a compelling reason exists for variation.

The Shared Services Portfolio will help us to do all of that and is fundamental to the Scottish Government's ambitions for improving Scotland's health and social care.   It means transforming the way we work - targeting resources on the highest quality patient care means cutting duplication and wasteful variation.

By working differently, Shared Services will deliver new ways of working which are flexible and responsive to the changing needs of NHSScotland for 2020 and beyond and will:

  • Transform the way support services and functions are currently delivered by integrating them and working across boundaries
  • Support Scotland’s health with a sustainable, consistent and effective service which meets all of our customers’ requirements
  • Be fully accountable to customers for the quality and effectiveness of their services, specifically ensuring that our patients’ needs are met
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximise returns from continuous improvement
  • Set strategic direction, prioritise service improvements and resolve day-to-day issues

Please go to NHSScotland’s Shared Services website  for further details.

Last Reviewed: 23/08/2016