Infant Formula

We are committed to supporting mothers and families who formula feed their infant to do as safely and responsively as possible. NHS Health Scotland have also produced a comprehensive guidance on how to safely make up formula milk Formula feeding: How to feed your baby safely. This is also available in Polish and can be requested in alternative formats from NHS Health Scotland

Responsive bottle feeding

If you have decided to bottle feed your baby, the following information will help you do so as safely as possible and will help you and your baby have a close and loving feeding experience. 
It is best for just you and your partner to feed baby in the early weeks. This will help baby to feel safe and secure, get used to your way of feeding and enable you to form a close loving bond with her.

  • Offer feeds when baby shows early signals of being hungry
  • If baby is upset, try to soothe her before you offer a feed. Skin contact is great for calming babies at any time
  • Hold baby close to you, in a slightly upright position
  • Look into baby’s eyes and talk gently to her
  • Gently rub the teat above baby’s top lip to encourage her to open her mouth and poke her tongue out
  • Place the teat into front of baby’s mouth allowing her to draw it further in
  • Allow just enough milk to cover teat and pace the feed to meet baby’s needs, gently removing it if baby appears to want a break
  • Offer frequent breaks throughout the feed sitting baby upright to help bring up her wind
  • Never force baby to take a whole feed as she will know when she has had enough
  • Discard any left over milk

In line with Scottish Government recommendations we will no longer be holding Formula Forums and instead we will be directing staff and families to the First Steps Nutrition website and their resources for all up to date, unbiased information on formula milks. 

Additionally we will publish an 'Infant Milks Newsletter' quarterly to provide all NHS Lothian employees who support women to feed their babies with up to date, unbiased, evidence-based information and resources related to
infant milks.

For evidence based information on formula preparation machines from First Steps Nutrition, click here.

Last Reviewed: 01/06/2017