Carers of East Lothian

Carers of East Lothian
(CoEL) supports all adults in a caring situation in East Lothian to get information and services to help their individual caring role, enhance their own wellbeing, and strengthen their collective voice to improve services.

CoEL focuses on supporting carers so that they can continue to care for others. They can provide anything from a bit of practical advice when needed or through to much more support for carers who are struggling to cope with the physical and emotional demands of caring for someone on a full time basis.

CoEL works with carers who normally live in East Lothian or carers who live outside the area but the person they care for lives in East Lothian. Anyone can contact them directly to ask for support for themselves or for someone else.

Carers can ask for support directly by a self-referral or a friend, family member or professional working with the carer can refer someone to CoEL. If you would like support, or you are in contact with someone in a caring role that needs some information, advice and/or support CoEL will happily accept your referral and make contact with the carer. Please note, while all information received will be treated confidentially, information via this on-line form is sent via the internet so confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. If you are concerned about this, please telephone (0131 665 0135) their office between 10 am and 4pm to make the referral.

CoEL does not support young carers who are under the age of 18 but they can get support from East Lothian Young Carers or from the Bridges Project.

Contact CoEL

The Carers Centre is open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Appointments are advisable but not always necessary.

Tel: 0131 665 0135
Carers of East Lothian
94 High Street
EH21 7EA

Last Reviewed: 13/09/2016