Stress Control

About Stress Control classes

Stress Control has been run as an evening class across the country for many years now. It is designed to help people understand the psychological aspects of stress and learn how to cope better with stress in their lives.

There are six classes, each week focusing on a different aspect of stress and how it affects us. At each class we will share proven psychological techniques to manage stress, and give you a booklet to accompany the class. This is not a therapy group – instead material is taught using lecture-style presentations. Class members will not be required to ask questions or share personal information during sessions.

Stress Control classes can help people to manage stress better and understand the connection between stress, anxiety and low mood.

You don’t have to be stressed to benefit. It can help you to avoid stress from building up in future.

If you are experiencing stress, want to avoid future stress or are just interested and want to find out more; then come along to one of our classes. Details of future classes are listed for each region across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

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Session summary:

  • Introduction and information about stress
  • Control your body: relaxation and exercise
  • Control your thoughts: learn to think your way out of stress
  • Control your actions: boost self-confidence
  • Control panic
  • Control sleep problems and control your future.

Last Reviewed: 06/09/2011