Out of Hours

Generic NHS Chaplains

These members of the Spiritual Care Team work on an open basis with people of any faith or philosophy of life. They have a responsibility to respond positively to any member of the whole hospital community of patients, staff, visitors and volunteers. There is always a member of the full-time team on-call (24hours/7days). They operate a rota system and any member of staff can contact an on-call chaplain via the hospital switchboard: -

Dial 0 from any hospital phone or,
Tel: 0131 537 6000 (REH)
Tel: 0131 536 1000 (RHSC)
Tel: 0131 536 1000 (RIE, Liberton)
Tel: 01506 523000 (SJH)
Tel: 0131 537 1000 (WGH, RVH)

Roman Catholic and Honorary Chaplains

Roman Catholic Priests and Honorary Chaplains from other faith groups can be accessed using the same process as above. For the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Liberton Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, the generic on-call chaplain will contact the relevant person on your behalf.

The Western General Hospital, the Royal Victoria Hospital and St John's Hospital in Livingston have a directly accessed on-call service via the switchboard.

Please refer to individual hospital pages for contact details regarding Roman Catholic Chaplains at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and Associated Services.

Last Reviewed: 21/08/2012