Spine Conditions and Operations

​To help you understand what we have to offer you or your child / guardian there are some pages of the more common conditions we treat. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the specifics of your case. As a routine we copy all of the clinic letters to you if you are 16 year or older. If younger it has to legally be sent to your patent / guardian but it is your right to read it.

There are a variety of spine conditions this Service is allowed to treat. The list is kept under the page "Information for Clinical Staff".

Some of you will be told you need to come in to hospital for a spinal operation. We want to reduce the natural worry that happens both before and during this time for you and your parents or guardians. We hope that the booklet below will give you helpful information and answer many of your questions.

TypeNameLast Reviewed
pdfYour Spinal Operation17/04/2015

If you have been told you need a spine operation with us, do you want to visit us now? The next stage is to visit the hospital if you want to before your operation. Please get in touch using the numbers on the "Contact Us" page

Last Reviewed: 19/06/2017