" We do not have words to say how we feel about what you have done for our little girl. You have worked as an amazing team to reach one goal – improving I’s quality of life and now we have the  pleasure every day of  seeing her so happy! "     



DSC_1117thumbnail.jpgThe national Paediatric Epilepsy Surgery service was designated as a national service on 1st April 2011.

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh, provide a comprehensive resective paediatric epilepsy surgery service for children and young people with intractable epilepsy, up to and including the age of 16.

The national service is available to:​

  • children who may require resective surgery for stereotyped seizure onset, plus or minus a concordant MRI abnormality, and;
  • children with palliative needs and medical intractable drop attacks.

Eligible children and young people will follow the Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network's Continuing Epileptic   Seizures Care Pathway prior to consideration by the national Epilepsy multidisciplinary team (MDT). They will then receive initial assessments including neuropsychology, MRI and EEG telemetry in their nearest Scottish tertiary centre. The Scottish Paediatric Epilepsy Network's National Epilepsy MDT will then consider and assess children with epilepsy prior to referral to the national service. 


Last Reviewed: 14/10/2015