Scottish Liver Transplant Unit History

Brief History of Scottish Liver Transplant Unit

The Scottish Liver Transplantation Unit (SLTU) opened in November 1992 and is centrally funded by the Scottish Government to meet the needs of people in Scotland who may require a liver transplant. Since it was started, the SLTU has carried out over 1,000 liver transplants.

In June 1995 the unit was expanded to include kidney transplantation then expanded again in 2000 to include pancreas and is now known as the Transplant Unit. It is situated in Ward 206, base B of the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. 

There are 20 beds in the Ward area and five in the High Dependency Unit (Ward 117). In addition, there are two beds available in the Intensive Care Unit in Ward 118.

Last Reviewed: 04/11/2013