What We Do

The Scottish Liver Transplantation Unit (SLTU) is funded to provide liver transplant services to the people of Scotland.

Under certain circumstances patients are accepted from out with this geographically distinct area.

Patients are only seen at the request of their GP or a referring consultant.

Currently no non-NHS work is undertaken in the SLTU.


The number of patients receiving liver transplants in Scotland is increasing, due to increased use of deceased cardiac death (non heart-beating) donors, which now make up 10% of grafts. There is a greater use of split livers (where the patient receives the right lobe of the donor organ allowing the left lobe to be used for a paediatric recipient), which also now comprise 10% of the total transplants. There has also been a significant increase in the number of patients being assessed for liver transplant. There are consistently 30-45 patients in Scotland awaiting transplantation at any given time.

SLTU Elective Assessments performed – April 2005 to March 2015

SLTU - Orthotopic Liver Transplant by Financial Year  Nov 1992 - March 2015

Chronic, Acute & Retransplant Liver Transplantation performed within SLTU – April 2002 to March 2015

Breakdown of Orthotopic Liver Transplantation by Diagnoses within SLTU – April 1992 to March 2015

Last Reviewed: 05/02/2016