Information for Patients & Visitors

We hope the following information will be useful to both patients and visitors. It is our aim to reduce any anxiety that may be caused by an impending hospital admission by providing as much information as possible. Also included are documents prepared by the Unit for support of our patients and their relatives, these are listed below: 

Patient Information Resources

Philosophy of Care

This philosophy states the values and beliefs of the Transplant unit. All patients will be treated as individuals. On admission a plan of care will be discussed with the patient meeting specific physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. We believe that participation in the planning of care, the setting of realistic goals and the achievement of these goals should involve the patient, his/her relatives and friends and all multi-disciplinary team members. This approach to care in the Transplant unit promotes co-operation and mutual respect between colleagues.

We are committed to educating all patients about their disease, the treatments involved and the effect upon their health. We plan to educate to a depth of knowledge that is understandable and comfortable for the individual patient. To this end, each patient will receive a full explanation of his/her condition and the treatments that are available allowing him or her to make full-informed decisions and choices. We will aim to maintain confidentiality, dignity and privacy at all times. Patients, relatives and friends will be encouraged to express anxieties, frustrations and fears and we will aim to give support and understanding.

It is our belief that patients have a right to receive care that is of a high standard. Therefore the education and development, both personal and professional, of all members of staff within the Transplant unit is given high priority.

We believe that an open, friendly environment which supports questioning and encourages the sharing of ideas helps maintain the morale of patients, relatives, friends and staff.

Patient Areas and Facilities

Ward Layout

There are 20 beds within the Transplant Unit (ward 206)

  • 4 beds in High Dependency Unit (HDU or ward 117)
  • Available beds in Intensive Care Unit (118)

With the exception of the HDU's , each of the ward areas are single sex.

Patient enquiries.

We realise that you will be anxious to know how your relative / friend is progressing. Please feel free to telephone the unit at any time 0131 242 2068/9 (Direct Line to SLTU ward). It is helpful if you can coordinate enquiries. It is not our policy to give extensive information out over the telephone.

A large multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, surgeons, anaesthetists, transplant coordinators, physiotherapists, dieticians, pharmacists and social workers work within the SLTU.

Nursing staff caring for your relative/ friend will be pleased to answer enquiries in person at visiting times and will arrange an appointment for you to speak to any member of the multidisciplinary team if you so wish.

The nursing staff work in teams and most times there will be a nurse from each team on duty.

Last Reviewed: 07/10/2013