Currently there is one company who make Prograf (Tacrolimus). From later this year there will be several companies allowed to make this drug. YOU MUST ONLY USE THE DRUG CALLED PROGRAF or ADVAGRAF WHICH IS MADE BY ASTELLAS.

Often pharmacies will replace certain drugs with a different variety, this is normally not a problem. It is a problem with the drug mentioned above because we know exactly how that specific drug works and the levels we require.  We also want every patient to be taking the same drug.

If you find drugs from another company in your prescription please do not take them and contact your pharmacist immediately. If you are unable to get the correct ones DO NOT miss a dose. You should contact the transplant ward on 0131 242 2068 or the transplant co-ordinator on call via switchboard on 0131 536 1000.

Over the past year we have tried to give every patient an information card to give to the pharmacy. If you do not have one please ask at your next appointment.

Last Reviewed: 25/10/2013