Useful Links

Edren - This is a web site designed by Profesor Turner and his colleagues at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. It contains lots of information about kidney disease and transplantation. It also contains the transplant unit annual report this will allow to see how and what we are doing.

South East of Scotland Kidney Patients Association- The Association provide information and help on various aspects of kidney disease. They work closely with local hospitals and are very patient focused. Many of the people on the committee have had a transplant.

Transplant Sports UK - This site is a registered charity who promote organ donation in the United Kingdom and worldwide. It is done by promoting and organising sporting events e.g. the Transplant Games. Many of our patients join in the games and it is a fun event for all. You don't have to be the best its all about raising awareness of organ donation and enjoying yourself. It was hosted in Edinburgh 2007 and there were thousands of competitors.

Transplant Support Network - This network provides UK support to patients, families and friends of transplant recipients usually over the telephone. Some people find it helpful to talk to others in a similar situation. The network try to match up people in similar situations for support or sometimes just to discuss the practical day to day issues of being on the list. All services are free.

The Information Standard Scheme - This gives you information about healthcare websites that have the information Standard certificate which ensures that it is trustworthy and reliable. There is also a video which explains things.

Health on the Net foundation - This is a similar site than the one above but it has a specific patient information pages that is very helpful.

Last Reviewed: 25/10/2013