Renal Transplant: Going Home and Keeping Healthy

All the information in these pages has either been adapted from factually correct patient information or researched from relevant transplant medical research . This is so that you can be assured that the information is factually correct and everyone has the same information. Where appropriate I have included the links for the relevant websites so you can read more if you or your family wish to. I realise that there are many websites on the internet please be careful when looking at these. If you find a site you are unsure of please ask a member of the transplant team to verify the site at your next clinic visit.

The information contained in these pages will hopefully help you to feel confident when you go home with a new kidney. It will give you the do's and dont's both immediately after your transplant and in the long term.

All the sections are described below:-

Going Home

Before you are discharged one of the transplant co-ordinators will visit you to go over all the information you and your family require to keep you healthy. It also provides details of changes to your circumstances that you may be unsure about. The Patient Health Education section will provide the more long term information on health risks.

Travelling to Clinic

This section gives you information on the various methods of transport available to get you to your out patient appointment. It also gives you directions if taking the car. (remember no driving for 6 weeks)

Clinic Appointments

This section provides rough timings for your clinic appointments and certain things you should know before you attend.

Out Patient Staff

This section provides pictures of the nursing and medical staff you may meet at clinic. These staff members very rarely change as continuity of care is important.

Patient Health Information

You will be reviewed yearly by the transplant co-ordinators to ensure your kidney is functioning well but also the rest of your body is in an optimum condition. We class it as your yearly MOT and it is important that you understand the effects the drugs (immunosupressants) can have on your body and the reasons why we ask you all the questions we do. This section is split into 2 parts; one for men and one for women. If you click on each section it will give you upto date information, some video clips and appropriate website to click on.

  • Cardiovascular - Blood pressure/Weight/Heart disease/Exercise and mobility/Cholesterol/Smoking 
  • Gastrointestinal - Bowel issues/Weight loss or gain/Diet/Swallowing 
  • Dermatology - Skin check/Sun protection/Skin malignancies/Advice 
  • Well Person - Breast examination/Testicular examination/Sexual health issues/ 
  • Psychological Issues  

What's New

Every now and again there is some new information that you require to know about. It may be about your drugs or it may be new guidelines for one of the patient health education parts above.

Contact Numbers

This section contains all the numbers relevant to you when you go home and are attending the clinic.

Useful Links

This section contains links to some sites that people have found helpful in the past. It also contains many of the website that we have used to provide your accurate health information. Please remember there are many website that provide incorrect information and please keep an open mind when reading these, especially if they are sponsored by drug companies. If there is a website that you find helpful please let us know, we can review them and add them to the site.

Patient Feedback

This section contains a small questionnaire. I would appreciate if you could take the time to complete this. It will help to improve the service for others.

We hope this page helps you to understand how to use the web page and the important information that is required for you to care for yourself, your family and your kidney post transplant. We aim to update this regularly and hope that both patients and nurses will actively get involved in developing this to improve it for future transplant patients.

Last Reviewed: 30/05/2016