Clinic Appointment

Photo of Out Patient Department 1 Reception AreaAll transplant clinic appointments will take place in Out Patients Department 1 (OPD1). This is based on the ground floor of the hospital opposite the pharmacy.

You will be required to attend very frequently after your transplant a rough guide to your appointments are below:-

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday for first two weeks after discharge  
  • Weekly until week 8. 
  • Two weekly until week 12-16 (depending on kidney function). 
  • Monthly until end of first six months. 
  • Two - three monthly until end of first year 
  • Three monthly during years 2 and 3 if stable 
  • Six monthly after 3 years if stable 

More frequent visits will be necessary for graft dysfunction, infection or other frequent illness.

At each clinic visit you will have your blood pressure and weight taken and the nurses will ask you for a mid stream sample of your urine. You will also have bloods taken once you have seen the doctor. You are able to view your results on Patient View the following day.

Remember to bring your Prograf/Advagraf or Sirolimus with you to take once you have had your bloods taken. There is a free water fountain in the waiting area.

If you have any illness that you think may spread to other patients in clinic e.g chicken pox, shingles, flu or sickness and diarrhoea please let the staff at reception know when you arrive. Preferably call reception at 09.00 to inform them and they can discuss with your doctor.

Please remember if for some reason you are not able to attend your appointment please call the staff in OPD1 on 0131 242 3095.

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh encourage the use of Patient View. This is a computer system that allows you access to your clinic letters, blood results, diagnosis and other useful information. If you are interested in this please click on the link below for information and ask your consultant to register you at your next appointment.

Renal Patient View

Last Reviewed: 25/10/2013