What We Do

Renal units diagnose and manage all types of kidney disease. Some diseases cause temporary kidney failure (acute renal failure), often as part of another severe illness, so many patients come to us from intensive care units and other hospitals or wards.

Nearly 100 patients a year start dialysis treatment or receive a kidney transplant for permanent kidney failure (end stage renal failure).  Looking after the many hundreds of patients on dialysis and with transplants is a major part of our work.

We also see patients to diagnose earlier kidney disease, and treat it to prevent it getting worse whenever possible.  We provide information so that many people can be treated by their GP, but also see people as outpatients.

Mild to moderate kidney damage is common – 10% of the population by some estimates, although it becomes much more common as you get older. 

In Edinburgh we have particular skills and experience in a number of areas, and an increasing number of specialist clinics.

Last Reviewed: 24/10/2012