RIDU Research

The Research Team in the Regional Infectious Diseases Unit has become one of the most active in the country with participation in over 100 clinical trials in the past 20 years. We are always recruiting to different research trials which mean we can offer new and innovative treatment strategies to our patients as soon as they become available.

Examples of the types of studies we conduct include:


  • Studies on new HIV antiretroviral drugs
  • Studies to explore different treatment strategies
  • The management of treatment side effects
  • Studies where we observe the effect of HIV on people over time


  • Studies on new HCV treatments

The team includes

Professor Clifford Leen - Principal Investigator

Sheila Morris- Research Coordinator

If you are suitable for a study this will be discussed with you by your regular clinic doctor and you will be invited to come and discuss the study further with one of the research nurses.  Participation in a study is completely voluntary and you can have plenty of time to decide whether you want to participate.

Although the majority of our referrals come from the Regional Infectious Diseases Unit we encourage anyone who is interested in participating in a study regardless of where they receive their care to contact us directly and we can discuss what studies are currently recruiting.

If you hear or read about a study that interests you or want to establish what studies are available then please contact us or speak to your doctor.

If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial in this unit please contact The Research Team on 0131 537 2842 or email sheila.morris@luht.scot.nhs.uk

Last Reviewed: 16/10/2012