National Child Protection Website

In July 2012, the Scottish Government launched this new national website offering help and support to vulnerable children and families on child protection issues.

The new site includes clear, accessible information on what the public should do if they are concerned for a child’s welfare. It also features a range of information and links to downloadable materials for children themselves, including cartoons and online games providing child safety tips.

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Keeping Children Safe

Keeping Children Safe is a disclosure scheme which allows members of the public to apply for information about an individual who has access to a child, if they are concerned that the individual poses a risk to a child’s safety and wellbeing.
Operating Scotland wide, the scheme is managed by Scotland’s eight police forces. If it is found that a person does have a criminal history and the police believe they pose a risk to the child concerned then information may be given to the parent, carer or guardian. If there is serious or immediate risk, then officers will take action immediately.
For more information on how the disclosure scheme works, click on the website link:

Last Reviewed: 18/07/2012