Child Hearing Problem Indications

Some things to look out for that may indicate problems with your child’s hearing

A hearing problem is not always obvious, particularly in young children.  There are different degrees and types of hearing impairment.  Although a child may respond to some sounds around the home, they may not be able to hear all the sounds that they should be hearing.  

  • A child may not respond to some sounds around the house e.g. a key turning in a lock, creaking floors, or a door opening.
  • A child may have difficulty hearing you when you are out of sight.
  • A child may not respond to quiet sounds but respond to loud sounds.
  • A child may have more difficulty hearing in noisy places.
  • A child’s behaviour may alter, becoming more disruptive or naughty.

The level at which a child can hear plays a major role in their development and their ability to develop good speech and language skills.

Last Reviewed: 28/03/2012