Radiation Protection

The Radiation Protection Section provides scientific advice and technical support to Radiology departments and other users of X-rays and radionuclides for diagnosis and therapy. The Radiation Protection service provide expert advise and assistance on compliance with the Boards legal requirements under IRR (1999), IRMER (2000/2006) and RSA (1993). Its principal roles include:
  • Providing a radiation protection service for X-rays and radionuclides, including the legal responsibilities of the RPA. The service includes risk assessments, room shielding calculations, drafting radiation protection policies and working procedures, investigating incidents of overexposure.
  • Providing an advisory service for compliance with IRMER.
  • Providing Medical Physics Expert (MPE) services for diagnostic radiology in compliance with the requirements of IRMER in respect of diagnostic reference levels, research dose constraints and radiation incident investigations.
  • Provide specialist advice for radioactive waste disposal and environmental radiation protection to ensure compliance with SEPA licence conditions for NHS sites using radioactive substances.
  • Provide advice, maintain records and collate annual reports of radiation doses for all staff who are required to wear a personal dosimeter.
  • Performance of patient dose audits and advise on setting diagnostic reference levels for dose.
  • Carrying out research and development within this field.

Last Reviewed: 06/02/2015