Imaging Physics

The Imaging Physics Section provides scientific advice and technical support to Radiology departments and other users of diagnostic X-ray and MR imaging equipment. Its principal roles include:
  • Managing the medical physics imaging equipment QA programme and providing technical support to the Radiographer QA programme, ensuring compliance with the IRR99 regulations in relation to equipment quality assurance.
  • Providing Medical Physics Expert services for diagnostic radiology in compliance with the requirements of IRMER in respect of dose/image quality optimisation, research dose constraints and introduction of new imaging techniques.
  • Providing technical advice on imaging equipment procurement, to ensure new equipment purchased is fit-for-purpose and value for money
  • Providing MR Safety Advisor services to NHS Lothian
  • Providing scientific support to the clinical MRI service
  • Providing CT physics support to the Clinical Research Imaging Centre
  • Providing training and teaching in imaging physics to a range of staff groups including Radiologists, Radiographers, Surgeons and Physicists
  • Carrying out research and development within the field of imaging physics.

Last Reviewed: 06/02/2015