Maternity Services Liaison Committee

Welcome to the website for the Lothian Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC)

The Lothian MSLC members have set up this web site to let pregnant women & their partners and new mums & dads from Edinburgh and the Lothians know about what the MSLC does and how they can have their say in what services are provided for them.

What is the MSLC?

The MSLC is a committee which advises Lothian NHS Board on the care they provide to pregnant women and their partners and the parents of new babies. We exist to make sure that the Health Board listens to and takes account of the views and experiences of the people who use the local maternity service.

What does the MSLC do?

The MSLC monitors what services are being provided to expectant and new parents and recommends changes and improvements. It acts as a voice for the people who use these services.

How do I become a member ?

The easiest way is to contact Lothian NHS Board (0131 465 5400) and ask to speak to Lyndsay Baird, the MSLC administrator.​

Have your say

In order for the MSLC to accurately represent the views of parents who use local maternity services, we need to know what these views are! Your ideas and opinions matter, so please tell us what they are. You can do this very easily by simply going to our MSLC feedback page and submitting our form. All comments and suggestions will be read by the MSLC Chair (a lay member) and a selection will be posted on the website.

Hot Topics

  • MSLC working group on skin-to-skin contact after birth.
  • Reaching out to wider population in Lothian to collect views on maternity services and plan improvements accordingly.  
  • Assist with design of local maternity services website. 

Our plans for the future include

  • continuing to make sure that you have your say by developing new ways in which the committee can gather the views of women and their partners directly, e.g. through questionnaires/surveys , suggestion boxes in clinics and on wards, and this website
  • continuing our work of monitoring and developing local services

If you'd like to know more about what goes on at our meetings, please read the minutes of recent MSLC meetings.

What does the MSLC not do?

Although we're very interested in hearing comments and suggestions from women and their partners who are using, or have recently used, local maternity services, we cannot deal with queries from individuals about their care, nor are we a channel for complaints.

If you have questions about your maternity care, you can speak to your midwife, health visitor or GP, or, if you'd like to discuss your birth experience, in confidence, with a qualified midwife counsellor, you should contact your hospital for help and advice (Simpson Centre for Reproductive Health: 0131 536 1000 or St John's hospital: 01506 523 000).

If you wish to make a formal complaint about your care, speak to your midwife, GP or health visitor, or contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for independent advice about how to proceed ( 0131 557 1500).​​

Last Reviewed: 29/02/2016