Working Health Services

Working Health Services is a nation-wide job retention service. In NHS Lothian, the service works with people with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions, and aims to:
  • Prevent sickness absence,
  • Support people to return from sickness absence quickly,
  • Prevent unemployment
In order to do this the service provides both case management and therapeutic interventions.
Everyone who attends the service is allocated a Case Manager, and has access to:
  • Advice about reasonable adjustments / return to work plans
  • Employment rights advice
  • Money / benefits / debt advice
  • Signposting to other services / resources / sources of information
  • Employer liaison / mediation
Individuals can also access rehabilitation support.  This may be from an occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and/or counsellor, and can include:
  • Assessment of functional capacity / abilities / skills / aptitude/ motivation
  • Symptom management: education, advice or support
  • A space to talk about how you are feeling
  • A chance to build strength / stamina / range of movement
  • Job analysis / work site visits

Liaison with other services

Where appropriate it may be useful for Working Health Services Lothian to liaise with and share pertinent information with other health professionals involved in your care, including your GP.
If you share information that concerns us about the safety or wellbeing of you or others, we may need to speak to someone involved in your care, eg GP.  Where possible we will tell you when we intend to do this.
Working Health Services Lothian works in partnership with employment rights and money advice services.  Where appropriate a referral can be made to these agencies on your behalf.
Written and computerised records of your contact with Working Health Services Lothian are confidentially stored in line with data protection legislation.
Should it be necessary for Working Health Services Lothian to contact your employer, this will only be done following discussion and agreement with you and by the signing of a separate employee consent form.
If you have any questions regarding this consent form or about the services offered at Working Health Services, you may discuss them with your case manager or phone 0131 537 9579.

Referral criteria

  • Self employed - can be absent or in work and struggling
  • Small businesses <250 employees
  • Employees struggling at work or off with a short term absence (no  longer than 3/52)(3 weeks)

How to Access

Ask your GP to make a referral through SCI Gateway (AAH-Rehab-Vocational Rehabilitation) or you can refer yourself by calling 0131 537 9579 or our National number 0800 0192211, Option 3.

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Last Reviewed: 12/09/2016