Fit for Work Service

Fit for Work Scotland is being introduced to support a reduction in the length of sickness absence from work and reduce the impact that absence has on individuals, employers and the State.
The service aims to:
  • support people to reduce the length of sickness absence
  • reduce the chances of people falling out-of-work and on to benefits
  • increase awareness of the benefits of working to a persons health
  • Increase the positive actions taken by employers, employees and GPs in contributing to a change in attitudes towards health and work.
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Referral Criteria

  • Must be absent from work (have fit note & off or likely to be off for 4/52 (4 weeks)or longer)
  • Cannot see self employed
  • Case management only – return to work plan will be produced, no need further fit notes from GP
  • Maximum of 3/12 (3 months) or 3 calls, no return to service within 12/12 (12 months) of discharge

How to Access

Ask your GP to refer via SCI Gateway (Non NHS entities-Fit For Work-Occupational Health)
Ask your employer to refer you via the employer’s portal. -To find out how your employer can make a referral online at-
Alternatively, your employer can refer you by phoning 0808 281 9288 (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

Last Reviewed: 05/09/2016