Helpful Resources

Helpful resources

NHS Health Scotland in association with FAIR Multimedia have produced a collection of 'Keep Yourself Healthy' pictorial leaflets, covering many different health related topics. These leaflets can be ordered through the Health Promotion Resource Centre.

My Important Health Information

'My Important Health Information' (MIHI) is a support tool for people with a learning disability, their parents, carers and support staff to improve their health experiences by sharing essential, helpful health information with health staff when needed.

NHS Lothian endorses the use of this document as an example of good practice. The document should be completed in consultation with the person and taken with them when attending any health appointments.

There are 3 versions of the document:-

 MIHI - Boardmaker

 MIHI - Photosymbol

 MIHI - no graphics​ 


Easy Read Clinic Leaflets

These leaflets provide helpful information about specific clinics and should be sent to patients with their appointment letter to aid communication.

Easy Read Information Sheets / Leaflets


Leaflets explaining experiences and treatments relating to hosptial outpatient appointments throught admission, treatment & discharge.

Easy Read Signage for Clinical Areas

Signs can be printed off and laminated for use. If other signs are required please contact

My Own Cookbook

Pictorial easy to follow cookbook produced by the Learning & Communication Service

Health Promotion Fife. Recipes can be printed off individually.


Acknowledgements to :-

Gail Walsh, Elspeth Ryan, Nicola Murray, The Wake Up 2 Say Team & Peter Hibberd


Last Reviewed: 26/05/2014