We will take referrals from any professional involved in the care of a suitable patient. Referrals are accepted in the form of a letter from professionals and GPs may make referrals via Sci Gateway. We do require some information including:

Date of birth
Contact number
Drug and alcohol history including use of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS's)

Past medical history
Past psychiatric history
Current prescribed medication
Housing situation
Children and dependents
Social and family situation

For patients needing detoxification from substances, we will only take patients that are stable in their drug us (on a precription and not using significant amounts of illicit drugs).  We will only start an assessment when they are on methadone 30mls or less; diazepam 20mg or less; suboxone/subutex 16mg or less. Alcohol detoxification can be provided although we sometimes have to arrange admission to the Ritson clinic for this to be done.

If you have an assessment specific to your service and are willing to share that with us, this would be appreciated.

Our referral criteria are detailed in the professional information booklet which can be downloaded from this site.

If considered suitable, patients will be offered two assessment appointments. This does not mean that the programme will necessarily be suitable. If they are not admitted to the programme we will explain why to them and to the referrer.

 We offer a programme of support and information for the families of patients. Evidence shows that better outcomes for patients and their families are achieved when family members are involved in the recovery process from an early stage. We would therefore strongly suggest that patients bring a close family member/partner with them to their assessments, where appropriate.


Last Reviewed: 19/04/2017