The LEAP programme is an intensive daily schedule including weekends and most evenings. It lasts three months. If a detoxification is required this will be given (from 30ml of methadone or less, 20mg diazepam or less or where it is considered safe to do a community alcohol detoxification).

The goal of the programme is to help people learn how to live life comfortably drug and alcohol free. Involved in the highly-structured programme is group work, workshops, one to one sessions, relaxation and alternative therapies, personal effectiveness training, recreation, connections to mutual aid and the recovery community, and presentations. Family and couples therapy will be offered. Lunch is provided.

 Evidence shows that better outcomes for patients and their families are achieved when family members are involved in the recovery process from an early stage. We provide a programme of support and information for the families of patients and we encourage them to take advantage of that from the patient’s first referral.

The staff team includes an addiction doctor, two nurses, six therapists, three administrative staff, a pharmacist and several volunteers.

Patients in treatment at LEAP become part of a therapeutic community which has structure and a therapeutic effect. It involves living and recovering alongside other people. Trained peer supporters work with the community to offer support and mentoring.

It is a busy programme and not an easy option. We ask patients to sign up to the full programme which means that they will need motivation and commitment.

Last Reviewed: 24/07/2013