Family Programme

Chemical dependency doesn’t only affect the dependent person; it also affects the entire family. Families adapt to deal with the reality of their loved one’s illness and can become quite damaged in the process.
We at LEAP think it is important that the needs of all the family members, and those in close relationships with patients, are recognised and attended to. Evidence shows that better outcomes for patients and their families are achieved when family members are involved in the recovery process from an early stage.
We therefore provide support and information for the families of patients as an integral part of the LEAP programme and we encourage them to take advantage of that from the patient’s first referral.
When the patient comes for assessment, family members are invited for an informal interview with the family support therapist who makes an assessment of their support requirements.
They then have the opportunity to progress through our educational and support groups, held on a Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and are signposted to mutual-aid groups in the community who can provide long-term support. Referrals of family members to other agencies for counselling and further support may also be made where appropriate.

Last Reviewed: 24/07/2013