West Lothian

The Health Promotion Service have a Senior Health Promotion Specialist working as part of the Health Improvement Team in West Lothian.  The Health Improvement Team is a multi-disciplinary team who strive to reduce health inequalities and improve health for those who live and work in West Lothian. 

The Health Improvement Team cover four main strands of work, these are:

  • Physical Activity
  • Food & Health
  • Community Development
  • Mental Wellbeing

The Health Promotion role within this team leads on the Mental Wellbeing element of this work.  This includes leading the Mental Health & Wellbeing groups within the Community Planning Structures in West Lothian and developing and implementing programmes and training to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Other strands of work include Ageing Well West Lothian where we have a Service Level Agreement with West Lothian Leisure to deliver a programme for older people in West Lothian to increase physical activity, therefore improving physical and mental wellbeing and reducing social isolation. The Health Promotion Service leads on the local implementation of Early Years Collaborative which is a national programme using improvement methodology to improve health outcomes for pregnant women, babies and children. For more information on the Early Years Collaborative please visit: http://www.gov.scot/Topics/People/Young-People/early-years/early-years-collaborative.

The Health Promotion Service also has other specialists contributing to other health programmes out with the four strands of work the Health Improvement team lead on, such as Alcohol, Tobacco, Workplace Health and Sexual Health.

Last Reviewed: 11/04/2016