Training, Seminars and Events

The Service delivers a core training programme as well as other training courses to support particular agendas and local needs.  We also host regular health inequalities seminars in the City of Edinburgh, East and Midlothian and West Lothian.  The Service also organises other events to support specific programmes when the need arises. 

Core training programme

  • Our courses cover core health promotion skills and a variety of topics relevant to the life stages
  • The aim of our training is to increase the skills and knowledge of people working in the wider field of health improvement
  • Our courses are open to workers from all sectors, volunteers and community members
  • All courses are FREE of charge, however we reserve the right to invoice for an administration charge of £40 for non attendance without prior notice
  • Courses are participative and involve a variety of methods

To learn more about the courses that we offer, and to book your place online, please visit the Health Promotion Service Training website.

Last Reviewed: 16/04/2014