Sexual Health and HIV

Programme aim: To improve the sexual health, wellbeing and relationships of people across NHS Lothian and to reduce inequalities in sexual health and poor sexual health outcomes.

 Lothian’s  5 year vision:

1. There is reduced harm from sexual ill health and HIV

 2. People with HIV live long and healthy lives

 3. There are fewer unintended pregnancies

 4. People make confident and competent decisions about sex

There are two specialists (Senior Health Promotion Specialist – Sexual Health) in the sexual health and HIV team who work on a pan Lothian basis across all lifestages.

All work is aligned to the Lothian Sexual Health & HIV Strategy (2011-2016). Both specialists support local multi-agency groups in each CH(C)P area and priorities are identified at a local level.

The team can work with partners to contribute to learning around curriculum for excellence, improve access to services, design and deliver training programmes, develop policies and action plans, pilot new approaches that address inequalities in sexual health, facilitate community involvement models, provide consultation and design and produce sexual health and HIV resources and materials. To ensure that the information is accurate and consistent and responds to the diverse needs of the population a communications group exists of which a Senior Health Promotion Specialist - Sexual Health is a member.

Last Reviewed: 20/12/2012